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  • Welcome to NTERI!
    Our institute and its members are dedicated to preserving vision and curing eye disease through promotion of interdisciplinary research teams.

    We welcome you to browse through our site!

    Pictured: Tasneem Putliwala, PhD Student
  • Eyeglass Donation
    NTERI has partnered with Lions Club International to collect used eyeglasses at UNT Health Science Center, joining the worldwide effort to give sight to those in need.

    We currently have a donation box in each building on the UNTHSC campus that will be available every other quarter.
  • LWVL Event
    NTERI hosted the Living Well with Vision Loss event. The seminar was directed to adults in the 55+ range with vision loss, macular degeneration, etc. to inform them of the resources available to them and to address the grieving process of losing their vision. Click news link above to read more about our events!
  • Our Students
    Students in our lab are dedicated to their research and those students graduating from our lab are very successful. Tara Tovar (far left) graduated from UNTHSC in 2008 and is now the Lab Manager in the Clark/Wordinger lab. Anirudh Sethi (3rd from left) graduated in 2011 and is now a Postdoc at UT Southwestern!

    The Vision Research Laboratories




Drs. Clark and Wordinger's Lab
Drs. Clark and Wordinger's Glaucoma Research Lab is located in the Center for Biohealth. The lab currently has 1 Lab Manager, 5 Postdocs, 3 Lab Techs, and 9 Graduate Students. Click the image to learn more about us!

Dr. Marina Gorbatyuk's Lab
Dr. Gorbatyuk's Lab is located in the Center for Biohealth. She currently has a growing lab of 1Postdoc, 2 Lab Assistants, and 3 Graduate Students. Please click the image for more detailed information about our lab!

Drs. Krishnamoorthy and Yorio's Lab
Drs. Krishnamoorthy and Yorio's Lab is also located in the Center for Biohealth. Dr. Yorio currently has 4 Students. Dr. Krishnamoorthy has 1 Lab Manager, 1 Research Associate, 1 Postdoc and 2 Graduate Students.




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